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28 Day Sales Challenge

The 28 Day Sales Challenge is essentially two things, a Performance Breakthrough System and a Professional Evolution Program:

Performance Breakthrough System

Helping individuals and organisations adopt proven processes and productive behaviours modeled by the top 5% of professional sales leaders and sales performers around the world.

Professional Evolution Program

Built on powerful peak human performance technologies that allow individuals to make these behaviours a 'way of life' which leads to increased professional and personal confidence and competence, client loyalty, revenues and profit.

  • Introduction
  • Breakthrough
  • Evolution

Why use it?

The 28 Day Sales Challenge is grounded in the powerful coupling of knowledge and insight this allows for the cultivation of wisdom and real performance breakthroughs.

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What are the steps?

All participants receive a 28 Day Sales Challenge Toolkit to equip them for their journey and have to go through a 5 step process ....

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How do I book?

The challenge can be done as an individual or group basis. We are able to facilitate in house company focused challenges for your team or at your company ....

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